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Inclement Weather Policy

We frequently get asked if classes are canceled just because

school is canceled.  The answer is most often "No."  Read on...

If road conditions are going to be unsafe at the time of your lesson, we will not ask you to drive in (Please review our complete Studio Policy for a list of options we use to ensure you end up receiving your instructional time despite hiccups like the weather!).
Generally, we define "unsafe" as meaning
a) at or below 32 °F with precipitation of any kind 
b) unsafe levels of precipitation leading to limited visibility
c) any official Warnings issued by the Weather Service
If road conditions for SCHOOL BUSES early in the morning are unsafe, schools naturally will cancel. However, most music lessons occur between 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., and the weather can change considerably throughout any given day.
If we DO decide to cancel lessons, you will be notified promptly and in the following manner:
  • We will attempt to text you via cell phone.  If we do not receive a response in a timely manner...
  • We will attempt to call and email you using whatever contact info you have given us for your family.
One final note:  Like you, we will be monitoring weather reports on any given day.  If it is obvious that weather conditions will remain unsafe from morning to night, then we will probably contact you in the morning to cancel.  However, if it appears that the conditions might clear up by the time of your afternoon lesson, we will not cancel preemptively.  Instead, we will wait & see and assess (and keep in touch)...And of course, you can always feel free to check in with us in real time if you have any concerns or questions!
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