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Practicing is easy if you’re having fun, and somehow these teachers at Piano Lab get tons of technical music terms and piano techniques into something Holly sees only for the fun.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m not an all-fun-no-substance Mommy, and I have years of piano lessons under my belt.  


They ensure the perfect blend of a little Suzuki, a little theory, a little basic piano book-work and mix it into exactly what my child needs in a way that is ‘6-yr-old exciting’ and fun.

-Heidi L., Burnsville

My daughter took to the piano (and her teacher) immediately. Both her focus and her patience have improved, and best of all, she is LOVING the learning process. I love to see her so enthusiastic, and can’t believe how much (and how fast) she is learning. If I would have had lessons like this when I was a kid, I probably wouldn’t have given it up!

- Molly's Mom, Asheville

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