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"True musicianship means freedom to express yourself - freedom borne of well-rounded knowledge that goes beyond the weekly lesson, beyond the page..."




AMPED is a Series of Expansive Learning Opportunities for Music Students of All Ages & Levels

In our efforts to continuously add more value to the educational experience you receive from our studios, we will be offering an exciting and beautifully relevant set of programs & classes to our student body free of charge as a part of the AMPED Series. These programs will also be open to the general public for a nominal charge and will include:


Performance Masterclasses                 Music Theory Workshops  

Ensemble Playing                                   Chamber Music

Alexander Technique                             Speed-Reading Hacks for Music

Improvisation 101                                  Music Technology

Yoga for the Music-Minded                   Song-writing 

Healthy Singing for Life 

Music Lessons: How to Maximize the Investment!


...and many more topics of interest to younger students, adult students, and priceless content for parents as well!  Most of these classes will occur on Saturdays sometime between 11:00-2:00 throughout the school year.







There's a wide variety of great opportunity for everyone to expand their musicianship (in a way that simply isn't possible within the confines of weekly lessons alone).  For those familiar with

music education, we already know

you're excited. :)  For those not yet

familiar...WE are excited at what you're

about to discover!  Stay tuned for more

about the AMPED Series and the

upcoming 2019-2020 schedule

launching in October.

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