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"The most beautiful sight in the   world is a little child going   confidently down the road of life   after you have shown her the way."
                                       - Anon.

Blue Skies

At Piano Lab, we are passionate about giving our Young Beginners the ability to thrive by not just teaching the "what," but the "how to"

Steps to Enroll


Connect With Us!

Click here to fill out your Initial Inquiry Form.


We'll Send More Info & Confirm Next Steps!

For some of you, that may mean scheduling an initial phone consultation. For others, it may mean a studio visit or even an Open House if we have one coming up!


Sign Up for Your 3-Week Trial Period.

We've learned that 2 weeks is a bit short, and 4 weeks is a bit long...but 3 weeks is basically a perfect amount of time to determine if our lessons are a good fit for your needs! 

We recognize that there can be a multitude of factors at play besides the quality of the instruction (e.g., scheduling, location, establishing a practice routine at home), and we truly aim to serve those families for whom we can truly be a good fit moving forward!


Decide if Ongoing Enrollment is Right for You!

And if it is, then the rest is easy-peasy! We will send you the official registration link, have you choose a payment method (check, card, or ACH), and keep the momentum going! 

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