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Don't Forget: There's More Than One Curve We Need to Flatten!           

March 16th, 2020​


Dear Friends in WNC (and perhaps beyond),

Even if you've been living under a rock, you are aware of the COVID-19 health emergency that is rocking the very foundations of our societies & economies worldwide. Personally, in recent days, Aaron and I have been in a moderate state of shock & mourning over this tragedy while also trying to make the best of it, especially for the sake of our young ones. We all know that the best we can possibly do right now is to remain aware & informed without succumbing to fear and panic...and to remain vigilant in keeping one another as healthy as humanly possible & practicing the guidelines recommended by our leaders in the health sector.  Our hearts go out to all of those most directly threatened by this new virus, and we stand with you in urging as much precaution as is needed.


While this is obviously a global crisis, it has never been more true that supporting one's local community is of paramount importance (one of the few areas in which most of us have influence, after all--for good or for bad).


It is not my goal with this note to wax eloquent on so many points already voiced by many--especially the ongoing updates about the virus.  Simply put, I know that it will help to add my voice to one specific topic, making the case for continued support of your local businesses by flattening the curve of the sudden loss in revenue that they will inevitably be experiencing during this time.  While I know that many industries and their clients are coming up with ever-more-creative ways to support one another, I will focus primarily on ideas that can most effectively assist Piano Lab's wonderful instructors & staff, our cherished students & families, and vicariously, all those who support ALL musicians in our community!  How can we help one another?


Communicate In Real Time

We will all stay in touch as needed from day-to-day and are here to support you around the clock, so please reach out anytime.  Email is initially the quickest way on our end (as we can more easily share the responsibility of getting right back to you), but calling or texting are also very good options.


Take All Necessary Precautions

Continued adherence to all health and safety protocols advised by the CDC will hopefully make a world of difference.  All group sessions, performance classes, and recitals are being suspended until further notice.


Stick with Us!

For our existing students: online video lessons (whether live or prerecorded by your instructor) are an excellent alternative during times like these, and we have copious resources to make these happen for you!  In this way, we can support your continued mental health & happiness in making music at home, and YOU can continue to support your instructor's livelihood and ability to maintain success within their chosen profession.  


We expect that the majority of you may want to go with these options, but quite a few of you have also expressed gratitude that we are committed to keeping in-person lessons as an option for as long as the current protocols tell us it is safe to do so.  Much like babysitting and other needed services, a sense of normalcy and calm in a clean, safe (and religiously sanitized) environment for those who are least at risk is something we are still able to provide on a case-by-case basis.  Again, ongoing communication will be crucial, and we will let you know if/when things change on our end.


Other Creative Forms of Support

Stay tuned for free video content coming straight from our studios this week and in the weeks to come.  From great ideas on how to engage the entire family in music-making together (even if you have no prior experience!) to suggested apps, games, new music to download and much more...we are here for you in a myriad of ways!


Even if you choose not to take advantage of any of the above (online lessons included) can still support us during this time of uncertainty by maintaining your enrollment with us.  We can credit your lesson payments forward rather than canceling your tuition payment for this coming month.  


Also, for the past few weeks, we've been on the verge of announcing our exciting new summer camp program--complete with steel drums & other fun surprises!  Please consider signing up for early bird specials when we make that announcement next week!


Spread the Love & Spread the Word :-)

You can purchase gift certificates (for your families or others), and you can also help us by spreading the word about what we offer and how we've impacted your lives positively during your time with us!  


Last, but not least...

Do you know anyone who needs a recorded accompaniment track or a piece of music arranged or composed?  Anything that can be done remotely on a musical plane (and there's actually quite a lot) and in any musical style you can imagine (from Indonesian gamelan, Caribbean steel drums, or Japanese koto, to any style of Western music you can imagine and some being invented as we speak)---we have world-class musicians who specialize in ALL of those right here in WNC!  If we can't personally accommodate your request in our studios, I bet we know someone who can, and we would be happy to refer you.  Also, if you see any recordings for sale from musicians you love, now would be a great time to purchase them.  :-)


It has never been more crucial that we come together as a community in creative ways--in a time when we are supposed to keep our physical distance to minimize the spread of this virus. As humans, we truly need each other for that sense of connection, to express ourselves, to share joy, and to support one another in a myriad of ways each step of the way. 


Thank you so much for your continued support of us and all your fellow citizens...and please, stay healthy and safe as we navigate these uncharted waters!


With Deepest Gratitude,


Kimberly & Aaron

Piano Lab

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