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Group Classes: 

An excellent way to enjoy learning & creating music--with others! See below for all the details.

 Early Bird Registration Special!
Sign up for a Group Class by August 15th, and get $10 off! 
There's simply no better value out there for learning music!
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Group Classes Currently Offered in: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, & Music Technology!

Private Lessons are also offered in all of those, plus more instruments.

Click here to contact us for more info on those!

For info on Kindermusik for Ages 0-4 yrs., click here.

General Info:

Term A:   Wks. of Sept. 9  - Oct. 21, 2019
Term B:   Wks. of Oct. 28 - Dec. 16, 2019
Term C:  Wks. of Jan. 6 - Feb. 17, 2020
Term D:  Wks. of Feb. 24 - April 13, 2020
Term E:  Wks. of April 20 - June 1, 2020
Term F:   Wks. of June 9 -  July 20, 2020
There are seven (7) weeks of classes in each Term.
Holidays are marked on our calendar list and are
not included in any Term's 7-week tally.
You can pre-register for an upcoming Term at any time.  
                  The days and times of our 2019-2020 classes are posted  
here and will be updated as needed.  
          There are currently two standard Course Levels for Group Classes
              (Level 1 & Level 2), and we will add more upon request and/or
                                      as we recognize the need over time.


NOTE:  There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $35 due at enrollment, but the final Tuition                                Amounts will be determined once the enrollment period has been closed for each class                            (which will  generally be the week prior to the first class).
Revised Pic of Group Tuition Rates.png

Weekly Class Schedule:

The Class Times listed are currently approximations of what we believe our student body will prefer.  Please do let us know if you'd like to attend any classes with just a slight adjustment to the start times (OR if you'd like to try and schedule your own unique Family or Friends Class), and we will be happy to work to accommodate you!  Click here to view the classes currently posted.

General Attendance Policies

*Students should plan on attending their scheduled lesson(s) each week. If they miss their regular lesson times, students are permitted to attend another group class to make up for any missed time. Students can also login to our website for links to videos of their classes! Any student who misses opportunities for his/her weekly lessons can also take advantage of a myriad of other educational opportunities & classes within our studios at any time throughout the year. Click here after August 15th for a complete & updated listing of this year's activities & events!

Want to register & reserve your spot now?  Click here!
Interested, but have some more questions?  Click here!
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