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A Whole New Way of Accessing The World of Music!

Private & Group* Lesson Packages Available; Virtual & In-Person!

Unique, Customized Packages to Fit Your Musical Needs AND Your Budget!


Music Lessons

We are committed to making music study accessible for everyone! 

Lessons in: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums, Ukulele, & more!  

We are currently offering Virtual Lessons and In-Person Lessons, as well as a Combination of Both - Let us know your needs, & we will be happy to accommodate you!

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Virtual Lesson Options

Virtual Lessons

Virtual Group Lesson Package - Starting at $50/month

Virtual Group & Private Lesson Package - Starting at $75/month

Includes 3 Group Lessons + 1 Private Lesson per month

Virtual Private Lesson Package - Starting at $125/month

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In-Person Lesson Options

In-Person Lessons

In-Person Family/Pod DUET Lesson Package - Starting at $100/month per student

In-Person Family/Pod Group Package - Pricing Varies 

Can accommodate between 3-6 Students Total

In-Person Private Lesson Package - Starting at $135/month

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