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 A New Solution for the Modern Family

Are you a parent or caregiver who wants your child to gain the variety of benefits & advantages in (OF) a life containing music study?  Do you struggle to be able to budget the time and/or the finances to make that happen?  Perhaps our Piano Class Cooperatives are the solution!


Herein lies the problem:


  • Traditional music lessons require regular weekly attendance and charge tuition accordingly.  This is great for some, but not all.


  • Increasingly, busy families (& very busy kids) don't feel they can commit to starting weekly lessons, so they never do (or they try and then end up quitting).


  • There is no middle ground.

And that's pretty much it!  If you picked a Monday as your "regular" day and have to miss one that you planned on for that can easily sign up online to attend another class on another day or week to make up for it (and there are a variety of other options as well).  In the true spirit of a "co-op," you are joining a supportive musical community that actively seeks your input and values your thoughts on how we can continuously improve our offerings (beyond what you already see listed on the pages of this site).


We are trying to bridge the gap between those with plenty of time & resources and those without.  EVERYONE deserves the benefits that music study can bring, and having lessons less often than once-per-week does not change the fact that many of those benefits will still be gained (again, the science backs it up).  To state the obvious: it is exponentially better than NO lessons at all! 


A music student learns to read two lines of music, use both ears, arms, legs, feet and all ten fingers, with the brain giving each body part a different assignment to perform simultaneously. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that no other activity allows us to exercise all of these skills in such a constructive manner. 


Music lessons, therefore, develop coordination in both mind and muscles, which transfers to many daily activities, including improved hand-eye coordination, greater enjoyment and ability in sports, measurable increases in confidence and decreases in depression, higher math scores, and the full use & exercise of ALL parts of the brain (the list goes on, but I'll stop there).


Interested in learning more?  Contact us, and we'll take the conversation from here!


Best Regards,

Kimberly Cann

Kimberly Cann

Mother of 4/y/o Isabella & 2/y/o Magnus

Founding Director, Piano Lab, Inc.

Our one-of-a-kind Piano Class Cooperatives were created to solve these problems from every angle. 


Here's how it works!


  • Busy families decide on 1 or 2 class times in an average week that work for them.  Read more about our award-winning Group Classes here.


  • Your tuition is based on an estimated number of lessons you are planning on attending throughout the year (packages range from $30/month - $100/month!).  Every other week?  1, 2, 3 or more times per month?  We can arrange it!


  • Try to let our studios know at least 12 hours in advance of any change (if you are canceling a date or if you'd like to add on a date).  Makeups are easy and flexible.


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